The name Vitamunda comes from the Latin words ‘Vita’ and ‘Munda’. ‘Vita’ means ‘life’ whilst ‘Munda’ means ‘to cleanse’


Vitamunda’s mission is to market high quality nutritional supplements. The purpose of these supplements is to facilitate the optimal functioning of the body as well as bolstering its natural recovery. Only the very best products per segment will be included in the assortment, following extensive testing.

Quality and Innovation

We possess a great wealth of knowledge, owing to our team of therapists from myriad disciplines; nutritional therapy, colon hydrotherapy, bio-resonance therapy, and natural medicines. Together, this team researches and formulates the best products. All Vitamunda products are developed in house, in accordance with the GMP and HACCP standards. In-house development enables us to fine-tune the formulas of these products to ensure optimal effectiveness. All products contain only pure and active ingredients. Which is to say that all Vitamunda products are devoid of fillers, anti-coagulants, and conservatives.

Personal service

Vitamunda also sets the bar high when it comes to service. Our customer service representatives can be reached via phone, email, or social media. Questions are answered swiftly and our customer service can offer guidance about the selection and proper use of the products.


Vitamunda values the proper management of its Co² footprint in all of its activities. Similar priority is placed on the sustainability of the ingredients used. We take this responsibility by making as much use of recycled materials as possible. Our supplements, for example, are packaged in glass jars with a low environmental impact. Not to mention the various advantages these glass jars have for our products. The jars are airtight, for example, and the amber colour blocks out daylight. FInally, by continuously optimising our production and transport processes, we are constantly working to reduce our Co² emissions.


Vitamunda is active many European countries, particularly Western Europe. Our customers know where to find us outside of Europe as well. Efficient inventory management and short delivery times enable us to quickly supply wholesale, professional, and private consumers both domestically, and internationally. 

Wholesale and professionals

We supply our products to wholesale customers with or without our own label. Professionals with private practises active in the sector can benefit from advantageous purchase prices when buying from Vitamunda. Click the green button ‘professionals’ in the upper-right corner to create an account or read up on additional information. Or contact our customer service, available weekdays between 8 AM and 4.30 PM reach us via +31 (0)35 544 87 52.